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Sitting down to read the book assigned to my Evangelism class for the first time, then suddenly. …

This will be fun


*tries to act cool by not texting back right away but forgets and never texts back*

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Candy babies!




Silky anteater (Cyclopes didactylus)

This is actually also why the more popular “Giant Anteater” has “Giant” in its name. This is the “regular” anteater.

I bet some of you did not even know there was a regular anteater.

Much less that it was obviously designed retroactively by the angel of Jim Henson.

designed retroactively by the angel of Jim Henson.

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“let me hide the body”

If that isn’t motherly love what is

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"plus size clothes cost more bc it makes more fabric to make!!!" then why the fuck isn’t a size 2 more expensive than a 0? why isn’t a 6 way more expensive then a size 2??????

also why the fuck do shorts in target cost the same as jeans or other pants in target??? same with crop tops?? i bought a crop top for 20 bucks the other day that shit literally has half the fabric of a regular shirt ya’ll can fuck off

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